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Kokokaka Creative Studio

Eight hundred square metres and six metres to the ceiling. Here sit and work daily creatives within photography, film, 3D, music, copy, SEO and even small-scale companies. As a member you have full access to all of our working spaces, including photo and sound studio, meeting rooms and a caravan. Yes, a caravan. Are you interested in renting a desk space or want to know more? Drop us a line at

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Our neighbourhood

An industrial area that now brims with choice, Ringön is an outstanding neighbourhood in Gothenburg that overflows with live music, art, creatives, fantastic eateries and breweries. There are also specialist shops and craftsmen to be found here. Therefore we chose Ringön, or Ringön chose us, as the natural habitat for our Studio.

A Creative Hub

The space is home to Kokokaka, a Sweden based Creative Studio creating larger-than-life solutions within the scope of art, culture and design for a wide spectrum of adventurous clients. Here you will also find freelance creatives, photographers, directors, copywriters, 3D artists and more. In 2022, we also opened doors to Koami, an Art Lab and Gallery hosting projects and exhibitions for physical and digital spaces.

Join us

We bring together professionals working with design, art, technology and innovation with the aim to foster discovery and collaboration in the creative industry.

Are you interested to rent a space in the studio? Every now and then we get a free seat, let us know about your interested on the link below: