The Kokokaka studio

Space to hire

Kokokaka Studio is a place for creatives to share space and ideas. The area of 800 square meters consisting of film & photo studio, music studio, silent rooms (one is a cozy caravan) and 400 square meters of office space.

Right now we have about 5-10 free slots to host a smaller company or freelancing individuals. Are you interested or want to know more? Send us a message at

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The forest is a good place for a meeting or a break.

The Kokokaka Studio

The studio is located on the former island Ringön in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's an old industrial area which today is a mix of workshops, mechanics, garages, creative companies, inventors, musicians and more. The studio holds 800m2 of office and studio space including a film studio, sound studio, a garment micro factory and a tiny rain forest.

Kokokaka is placed in the center of the studio.

A Creative Hub

The Kokokaka Studio is a hub for collaboration. We have gathered Photographers, Illustrators, Developers, Animators, Architects, Copy writers, Art directors, Music makers, Fashion designers, Film makers, a Textile Company, an Agency and a Taxi Company, all in one place!