Our new Art Lab!

Koami.art is a social space and creative practice focused on the cross-pollination between art, technology and culture, active both online and offline. Koami selects and hosts projects and exhibitions for physical and digital spaces, with the aim to foster discovery and innovation in the creative industry and to react to cultural stimuli.

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Our virtual space in Decentraland

A Physical and a virtual Space

Koami exist as a physical space at Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden and a virtual space in the metaverse Decentraland. They will co-exist and be used to find new ways of making, meet and discover art.

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Art project by JMY

Koami opening party

Koami will open up for the public during Ö-Festen at Ringön the 3rd of September, 2022. Sign up below to get an update!

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