KOKOKAKA WAS SELECTED as digital and creative partner for the startup Closely (@closelyofficial). Closely is a new and different Swedish brand, founded in 2019 by Tove Langseth and Filip Nilsson.

The company makes underwear and sportswear for women, and aims to raise the bar in both worlds, without old dusty ideas about women, bodies and underwear design. Or with their own words: «We go to extremes to deliver superior function and a sense of freedom and we try hard, very hard, to minimise the impact this effort has on our planet.»

The products are developed in close dialogue with a large Test Pilot group that came up with input and suggestions.


Clothes for every body

Through wit and honest dialogues with its dedicated community, Closely’s underwear and sportswear were created with a sense of freedom, offering superior function. For women «we think are beautiful, cool and inspiring. They’re big. They’re small. They’re tall. They’re short. They’re old. They’re young. That’s how the world looks.»

« if you start a new brand today make sure you’re part of the solution. not part of the problem. »

Tove Langseth & Filip Nilsson, founders

Since 2019 Kokokaka Studio was chosen to design their website and pre-launch microsite, campaign, digital communication and content, and a number of printed applications and packaging.