The campaign showcasing the new collection from Blue Bell. The aim was to engage the user to play around with the collection, to get inspired and getting to know the collection.


Two days before launch we released a demonstration video of the site:

30 sec video

The next day we released a 30 sec video of the site:

The launch

The first week we had 200 000 unique visitors spending more than 2 years of time together on the Blue Bell web site.


sunnihart: “AMAZING EURO WRANGLER WEBSITE. This is how advertising should be done. http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

philgalland: “probably one of the best experience I have ever had on a website http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection thanks to Wrangler! ”

jasonspector: “MOST amazing interactive ad ever by Wrangler - http://bit.ly/cOqsWx (RT @MiChmski: @gregfromparis) ”

lukestillman: “This is a fantastic interactive ad campaign http://bit.ly/cwlxRq ”

conradlisco: “RT @galoera: lusting! brilliant. interactive collection by wrangler | http://bit.ly/b4V0co (via @scottwitt) ”

santinorice: “YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! TONY WARD for WRANGLER-SUPER COOL! http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

siobhanbulfin: “Amazing interactive ad by Wrangler: http://bit.ly/b4V0co (Via @gregfromparis & @thebrandbuilder) ”

gilesdickerson: “KILLER interactive video from Wrangler, must see: http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

laurenceparkes: “Loving the interaction (and music) on this Wrangler site http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

models_direct: “Absolutely love this!! http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

kristopherh: “Wrangler, Bluebell label. website. interactive. golden. http://bit.ly/bpPXCx ”

coachfordnews: “We've always liked interactive websites, but this is just a brilliant idea. Check it http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

xxicenturyboy: “Wrangler Rules! http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

sawrb: “Brilliant execution! Wrangler site RT @splitendssamrat: RT: @AnshumaniKhanna: something to dress about http://bit.ly/c5UEnr #flash

simonberg: “An extremely well executed yet technically simple brand experience project http://tinyurl.com/yakn26j ”

mettestuhr: “Loving the Wrangler website. I get to throw hunky men around while browsing clothes. Nice! http://bit.ly/bay2Ku ”

kateburning: “.@ks9380 and I can't stop checking out the latest Wrangler Blue Bell collection. Slide three is where it's at, ladies. http://bit.ly/b4V0co

jimsayshi: “Wrangler continues to lead the pack. I really like this http://bit.ly/b4V0co Great little track & inventive way to do a 360 before you buy

sociomotion: “High impact website to be admired: http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

ascenders01: “Sheer brilliance... http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

etoychest: “Seldom has undressing people -- or playing God -- been more entertaining. http://bit.ly/9Zadc7. Thanks @LudwigK for making my morning.

rogwai: “Wrangler's new interactive collection site is lovely: http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

geekigirl Highly Influential: “RT @finalfashion: Oh dear, this is mad sexy and fun, in a knock-over-a-male-model and rip-his-shirt-off kinda way. http://bit.ly/b4V0co ... ”

stevenyipHighly Influential: “New Wrangler site! Awesome! http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

osteel: “Alright HTML5 and CSS3... Try to do THIS http://bit.ly/aqxuqx and then, we'll do the talk. ”

lobese: “Love the new Wrangler Blue Bell site. I get to undress and push around hot men. Word. http://bit.ly/bpPXCx ”

tallchickvic: “Loving Wrangler's EU Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection SO CLEVER!

inahill: “Amazing site. RT @MediaFront: Talk of the day? http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection ”

milofirewaterInfluential: “coolness....follow the instructions.. http://tinyurl.com/yakn26j ”

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