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This is Kokokaka

Kokokaka is an independent creative studio with the mission to create the most extraordinary brand experiences in the world. Hurray!

Kokokaka was founded in 2001 with the mission to put sound and music to the World Wide Web. Over the years we have broaden the spectra to also include animation, film, art and technology. We have a fashion and lifestyle focus, with clients like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Wrangler, Closely, Oddbird, Göteborgs opera and IKEA.

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The four K principle

We work with the four K principle (C principle in English): Collaboration, Creativity, Communication & Critical thinking. We combine it with Rhythm and Love. We believe this is the secret recipe for magic (Don't tell anyone!).

Art by Anders Holmer


Our speciality is to create emotional experiences in digital media. This includes making film, music, art and combine it with technology. The result could be almost anything: an interactive video, a website, an online store, virtual garments, virtual models or a virtual world. Or a box filled with content to use in Social media, an animated movie or just a bunch of still images. You still don’t get it? Maybe our Work section can give you a better idea!

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You can also reach us on Messenger and if you are going to visit the Kokokaka studio, this map will show you the way 😺.