We are 🙈🙉🙊 hiring

Do you see life <u>through code</u>? Do you define programming as your most important language? Have you automated your monthly payments with a python script?

(or Back-Front-End-Developer)

Right now we're looking for a developer to join our team.

We want you to master at least half of the follow: HTML, Javascript, CSS, MIDI, PHP, MySQL, Node, Git(hub), Lottie, Processing, Wordpress, Python, Processing and Unity.

Coding is about taming the power of sound, music and art. To bend time and space into emotions. To find the rhytm, to reinvent love.

Why you are better than AI:

Collaboration, Creativity, Communication & Critical thinking is the four last things AI will take from the human. This is the core of Kokokaka and why we exist. We give AI a soul! If this is important for you as well and you want to create the most extraordinary experiences in the world your are more than welcome to send your job application to Kokokaka. Hurray!👏

Send your CV and a motivation by email.

What do we offer?

We have a caravan to work in, our own fashion brand, a small forest, a music studio, a film studio, +20 synthesizers and +25 creative souls in the studio. (We also have amazing clients!)

We're looking forward for your response!

/ Kokokaka Team